Suite# B-1, House# 9/10A,
Road# 05, Shekhertek, Adabor,
Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1207

Invoice Number INV-352
Invoice Date June 15, 2020
Total Due ৳ 124,500.00
Badabon Sangho

Katamari, Rampal, Bagerhat, Bangladesh

Wahed VFX, we believe in creating a new world through 3d animation. Every day we work to take us to the new level of expertise and we always target in bringing our company to new heights of CG and 3d Animation.

Wahed VFX is a web-based video production company, operating across numerous media channels and categories. We create dynamic motion pictures for some of the world’s most admired companies and people.
Wahed VFX isn’t in the business of being creative. We’re in the business of using creativity to persuade audiences, on behalf of our clients.
Our staff of writers, directors, art director, producers, animator, and editors draws on their diverse experiences in film, creative advertising, music, social media, journalism, and reality TV, to create projects that connect with audiences intellectually and emotionally.
Our work is influenced by an array of cultural stimuli: science, history, photography, and architecture; blended with soul music, modern art, sports, and futurism, topped off with a dash of pop culture, a splash of childlike curiosity, and a triple shot of serendipity
From a 30 second commercial to a complete DVD containing corporate positioning, product features, and benefits, executive profiles, customer testimonials – we offer a range of services to suit your sales needs at affordable prices.
We also film special purpose pieces for training purposes and human resources team building

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
40 40 Second 2D animation (Only animation)

2d character animation with background

৳ 1,000.000%৳ 40,000.00
1 Graphics design

Total 1-4 2d female character design and background design

৳ 40,000.000%৳ 40,000.00
1 Storyboard deign

All design will be arranged time frame design

৳ 10,000.000%৳ 10,000.00
1 Voice over artist

Per voice-over artist bill 1500

৳ 1,500.000%৳ 1,500.00
1 Studio fee for voice over per shift

1 shift = 4hours

৳ 8,000.000%৳ 8,000.00
1 background music up to 3 minute ৳ 25,000.000.00%৳ 25,000.00
Sub Total ৳ 124,500.00
Tax ৳ 0.00
Total Due ৳ 124,500.00